Learn the Most Needed Formulas on the ACT Math Section

Preparing for the ACT math section means you need to review several different areas of math. Since there are 6 math content areas (pre-algebra, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, coordinate geometry, plane geometry, and trigonometry) covered on the test, that could mean alot of techniques and formulas to know.

But through the development of the Learn ACT Math videos, I have evaluated many practice and actual ACT tests to determine the most needed formulas for the exam. I prepared a sheet of these formulas and have made it available to you here.

How can you use this formula sheet to prepare for the ACT? Here are 4 ways to make use of the formula sheet.

  1. Review questions that require these formulas to solve. Work practice problems to be familiar with how to apply these formulas.
  2. Learn these formulas backwards and forwards. If you really learn that the area of a rectangle is equal to length times width (A = l x w), then you should also be prepared to know that if you are given the area of the rectangle and a length, you can find the width (w = A/l).
  3. Use the formula sheet as a study guide to make sure you cover all content areas in your preparing. This formula sheet will provide you a minimum of what you should cover in a review prior to the test.
  4. Look over these formulas just prior to taking the test. These formulas cover a wide variety of math subjects, and just looking through them will get your brain kicking and ready to take this test.

This formula sheet is your guide, but it’s always best if you can make it your own by adding to and making adjustments and notes that you determine best for you in your preparing. I hope this helps you as another tool in your preparation for the ACT.

I’d love to hear how you use a formula sheet. What other pieces of data do you think are important to know?

Grab this sheet now and get started preparing!

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